Utah Fire Fighters 2020 Calendar

Our mission is to raise money in support of all those battling cancer in any way, shape, and form. All proceeds are donated to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. This is accomplished by you, helping raise awareness, and getting the word out about our Calendar!

Feb 21 Friday !0:00 am - 6:00 pm

Tahitian Dance

Come watch Hitia O Te Ra perform! Get a taste of what they do and join one of their classes! 

Feb 21 Friday 5:00 pm

Feb 22 Saturday 2:00 pm

Fashion Show

See your favorite designers and boutiques show off their trending styles! 

Feb 22

Saturday 12:00 pm & 3:00 pm



So exciting to have Saint City Krav Maga come out and demonstrate for us what they do! Empowering women and showing them how to defend themselves! Check it out and see if you would be interested in joining a class. 

Feb 21 Friday 12:00 pm

Feb.22Saturday 1:00 pm

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